Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cyntheanne Park - The tales continue.....

Now folks this is very interesting.

Cyntheanne Park is being built in the middle of nowhere by the Town of Fishers. The latest in this saga is that the grass was not planted correctly and they have to start over that segment, its only $100,000. Where were the inspectors and oversight while grass was being planted. They have already spend over 2 million dollars, and have hidden costs such as law suits, different budget item, etc and the death of two citizens who were fighting the construction of the park. One of a heart attack over the entire mess and his son by his own hand after a court battle where the town council president told him they would ruin him. Now the Town says they are going to sue the builder to try and get the money back for the bad grass. It’s a smoke screen, you see the builder is gone and out of business. You can’t sue a vacant address. They are just saying it to make people think they are going to do something. More fun and games by the Fishers Town Council.

Now the some of the truth is coming out. The land was owned by a Burton, could it be Representative Dan Burton. Could it be there was a deal to help Dan get rid of the land instead of having to wait years for the growth to catch up. What kind of deal was this? When did he purchase the land knowing the Town was going to buy it. Maybe someone should investigate and not by anyone around here after all it would be put under the rug.

On top of all of this is the fact that this is not a regular park but rather a sports complex of five soccer fields. Why spend 2 million dollars on 5 soccer fields, another pay off and this time to the SPORTS group of the area. So here is a park that is 7.5 miles away on average from the vast majority of the town set up for SPORTS to run organized soccer games. The other day I figured out that every time SPORTS sets up one of its series of games people will drive a total of about 9000 miles that day for the games. That’s a lot of gas. Its also a lot of pollution. But who cares. SPORTS will have its own field support by the Town. Now I am not against the Town supporting SPORTS and providing fields for kids to play on. I am against a total waste of money to accomplish the end result. Also this locks in the SPORTS group and excludes other groups in the area providing activities for children. But then again SPORTS helps quietly to work for the town and its elected officials. Maybe someone needs to also investigate why a non-profit group is so deeply involve in local politics. The taxpayers have paid for Cyntheanne Park and will continue to pay to maintain it. The Town is not finished with the park and more money will be needed.

I think the same could have been accomplished if we needed more soccer fields by adding fields to existing parks and at the High School. That way the fields would be closer to the citizens. But that way the …… to Burton and SPORTS could not be made. This clearly shows a lack of real thinking and concern for the community.

To the citizens of Fishers, its time for you to start asking the hard questions. Only a few people even vote in the elections, so the Town Council believes it can do whatever its wants and none of you will care. Start caring. It’s time for all of you to take back your own government, take back your community. Fishers is no longer a small sleepy town, it’s grown into a city but still with small town questionable politics. It’s time for a change.

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