Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mudsocks bring back that name.

The history of Fishers, IN started with the name of Mudsocks but for some reason the history on Fishers Town web site leave this off. According to the web site the original name was Fishers Switch, then Fishers Station and now Fishers. But I know the real reason Mudsocks was dropped. You see Fishers is moving towards its original namesake. More and more mud pits are developing in the Town of Fishers. Not by mother nature but by the failure of developers and the Town Council to plan. Fishers does not have a master plan nor does it appear it wants one. Instead Fishers has a Master Map. Well maps can be changed with ease, nothing is in writing, however a master plan has words and things to do and therefore it becomes harder to hide what you are up to without being caught. Now I want to be fair so I have started a list of Failures and Accomplishments by Fishers and if you have any other items you want added please let me know.

Fishers Failures

Hamilton Proper Shopping Center - Mud Pit

Britton Golf Course proposed water park and hotel. - Mud Pit

Downtown Complex - Upsetting long term residences - vacant homes - nothing done

River Place - Allisonville & 96th Apartments – open field. Not a bulldozer in sight and its developer has withdrawn.

Geist Annexation - $1.5 million wasted in lawsuits, decrease revenue to HSE Schools.

Cynatheanne Park – Mud Pit with a little grass – behind schedule, over budget, lawsuits, two deaths. It has been proposed that it be renamed "Bloody Cyntheanne."

Airport Conversion – GOOD it didn’t happen. But people are leaving the airport and relocating their planes under fear of the Fishers TC. A great way to show that you are in favor of economic development.

Tax increase – Stormwater Tax and soon to double. What other fees will Fishers increase?

Clarian Hospital at I-69 - Mud pit

3 Month Roundabout at Olio - months and months of nothing then start again. (I understand they ran out of money to finish the job and had to wait a while.) But then again they had to show Carmel that Fishers can build a big overpriced roundabout.

Fishers Accomplishments

Stormwater Tax – or how to bypass property tax increase.

Development of mud pits to move back to the areas original name Mudsocks.

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