Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hey Fishers how about a Welcome. It came!

Ok Fishers I am now a citizen of your Town. So are about 2200 other households.

What no welcome letter? I guess not after all we don’t feel welcome.

No instruction letter? It not like we are moving in but you have taken over our area.

Since I know all the Town leaders read my posts here is a note for all of you.

How about a letter or newspaper article on what to do as a new citizen of the Town of Fishers:

One thing comes to mind – I heard we have to get a permit for an alarm system. Is this true, where and how?

What else can we expect and when. With all the snow birds around here anything they should be aware of while out of town?

The day after I wrote this a sort of Welcome Letter arrived. But still does not answer many of the questions I posted. So Town officials how about the information other than what you will and will not be doing.

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