Sunday, April 10, 2011

May 3 primary - Signs, Signs Everywhere.

Its looks like the Town Council is feeling the heat, they are fanning the entire town with their signs. Every strip mall is loaded with signs. Did I say strip malls? Oh yes I remember a long time ago I said the Town Council never met a strip mall they didn’t like. I guess it was true then. They love strip malls and strip mall owners love them.

If you are a Republican it is very important that you go and vote out the incumbents on May 3rd. One reminder you can vote in every district election. So you can vote out all of them. To quote Charlie White, former Town Councilor “Fishers is the only Town in Indiana with these funny districts.” You may be shocked but when you see your ballot you will see all seven Fishers districts and you can vote in all of them. Only in Fishers, it is time for a change. Vote in new people and bring the government back to the citizens.

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