Monday, April 18, 2011

30% Property Tax Increase

Homeowners of Geist, did you get a shock in the mail? Most of the property owners got a 30% property tax increase, so say thank you to the Town of Fishers. You have been annexed. Notice all the extra services that you have gotten since you were annexed. Maybe we should have a treasure egg hunt to find them; opps Scott Grinch stole all the eggs. Nothing has changed, all the promises of doing this and that were just that promises and nothing has happened.

Instead any time we say anything, the Town Council’s newspaper bloggers just call us a bunch of angry Geisters. Well Geisters, it is time to take action and you will have your chance on May 3rd.

If you are a registered Republican here is your chance to vote out the entire Council. Almost no one knows this but the way they set up elections was to insure they would get elected by having total at large elections. So while a candidate must live in a set district, every voter in the town votes for all candidates. So you can vote against every single one of the incumbents. It is time to take back this town and vote in a responsible government that listens to the people. It is time to vote in a responsible government that cares about the citizens and not about what the developers want. It is time for all the voters of Fishers to take back this town. Vote against the incumbents.

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