Friday, October 14, 2011

Change or no Change that is the vote

The Clerk Treasurer of Fishers, IN has a sign on the door to her office and I quote "This office does not make change. If you are paying with cash please have the exact amount.
..................Thank you." Also this is very professionally posted in a plastic 3 ring binder holder. To be fair they will take checks. But that is it, checks or exact change. As you can see the Clerk Treasurer is a very consumer friendly office. Up to date in their methods of operation.

In my run for this office I have stated that "If elected we will allow the citizens of Fishers the ability to pay on line, use credit or debit cards, checks, money orders, wire transfers and if they bring cash we will make change if needed." I am sorry but we will not accept live stock for payment.

So it comes down to this, keep the 30 year incumbent in office and keep the 30 year old methods of operation or vote for Joe Weingarten and modernize the office and increase consumer operations as well as efficiencies of the office.

After 30 years it is time for a change. Vote for Joe Weingarten.

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