Sunday, October 23, 2011

Unethical you bet

The Town of Fishers Clerk Treasurer via The Future of Fishers Political Action Committee received a contribution of $12,000.00 but if you study the PAC you will find that Mr. Walter Kelly contributed $5,000 to this PAC. Why is this significant because Mr. Kelly is a principle in an Accounting firm that does the work for Ms. Cordell's office. In speaking to a few retired CPAs in the area they all recommended hiring a new CPA firm as they find this highly unethical. Any CPA firm should be at an arms length from the client. One of the retired CPAs said I should, if elected, form an Advisory group for the Clerk Treasurer's Office of retired CPAs and if possible ones who have moved to Fishers from other areas. Great idea and if elected it will happen.

Joe Weingarten
Weingarten for Fishers Clerk Treasurer

Approved by Friends of Weingarten

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