Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Room Place Part II Indiana AG Office is asleep.

The Room Place Part II Indiana AG Office is asleep.

On May 3 I wrote about the deceptive sales practice at the Room Place.  I also wrote to the AG of our state and they promised to mediate the problem. I didn’t ask for them to mediate but rather to stop the Room Place from what they are doing and make them abide by Indiana code. To protect other consumers.

Well today I got an answer since the Room Place did not charge me, because I yelled, they said there was no problem. So I asked I didn’t write you because I had a problem I wrote because I wanted an investigation and you to take action to prevent this from happening to anyone else. Most people have no clue that the Room Place is charging hidden fees after the purchase.

I love the answer I got. It appears they only have one complaint against the Room Place, mine and do not do anything if there is only one complaint. They need lots of complaints. So a hidden fee and practice will continue because no one knows that they are doing something they shouldn’t be doing. So if you break the law in this state and are the only one breaking it you get away with it even if the state knows but the public does not. Kind of sad.

Mr. AG – wake up your job is to protect the people of this state from anyone who breaks business law not just the ones who are most oblivious.

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