Sunday, August 16, 2015

Indy Star Let it Out

The Indy Star's let it out is one of the only reasons I still buy this rag. They sure zoom in on the real topics in Indy.

For example this one is the best of the month without any question.

"Fishers does not need a brewery, or another fresh grocery, and especially not another physical therapy place or sandwich shop...Fishers needs some real restaurants."

I guess space limits did not let this author add nail saloons, dry cleaners, strip malls. In the mean time they build the dumb apartments on the City Hall lawn and what opens a pizza shop. So if you want a real Italian meal - better get out of the City of Fishers. Good Mexican - You have to go the Indy, good Chinese you have to go to Carmel.

Oh forgive me Nickel Plate according to everyone you do have the best tenderloin in the region, but than again you are a bar and not a restaurant.

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