Sunday, August 2, 2015

Time to fix the BMV - and rid it of corrpution. An Easy Fix!

BMV – how to solve the problem – the easy way.

Our BMV is full of errors and will continue to be as long as the state continues to allow it to operate the way it does.

Ask anyone to tell you how much license plates for their car costs and almost 100% of the people have no clue. As someone in Ohio how much it costs and the odds are they know because it has been about $35. per passenger vehicle for years and years (actually $34.50). Not the dumb Indiana tax on the perceive value of the car.

Oh no but then the state can’t overcharge for plates. Why do anything the easy way? They want the total confusion so they can continue to play their games. While the citizens continue to be raked over the coals.

So if you want to fix BMV start by getting rid of the things that can lead to abuse. Streamline the fees to something that is set and not forever changing every year.  

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