Monday, January 18, 2016


Yea an IKEA is coming to Fishers. I remember telling one City Council member almost two years ago they instead of strip malls should be going after something major like IKEA. Now my wife thinks I should apply to work as an assembly person at the store. This past week I put together an office chair, laundry triple section basket, Wednesday a table is coming I will have to put together. And over the years lots of IKEA stuff. I look at putting them together as fun and the less I have too look at instructions the power I have over the kits.

So if I don't get the job because they don't want to pay rocket scientist wages I will go to area homes and do it for a nice meal. Who knows maybe we could start a business like the Nerd Squad but call it the IKEA no extra screw Squad. When we put your IKEA furniture together no extra parts or screws. Have power screwdriver will travel.

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