Wednesday, April 6, 2016

$5,156,032.40 - Where's my Reward?

I just got a letter from the Attorney General of the State of Indiana:

 April 6, 2016
"RE: Complaint No. 11100909
Dear Joe Weingarten:
I am writing to report to you the results of our investigation of your Telephone Privacy complaint(s)
against Jerome Edmond dba USA Promotions (originally reported as “”).
After investigating your complaint(s), we filed suit against Jerome Edmond dba USA Promotions. Thecase resulted in a judgment, which provided the following:
1. Defendant is required to pay $5,156,032.40 to the State; and
2. Defendant is permanently enjoined from making calls in violation of Indiana’s Telephone
Privacy laws.
Amounts collected are used to support the Telephone Privacy program."

What I earned the state 5 million and no reward, no nothing but a e-mailed letter. Now this is my third judgement for these nasty phone calls the other two resulted in around $30,000 and one for $420,000. But this is the big fish. five million.

I should at least get a letter form the Governor - no wait not this Governor, if the next one is a new one, I hope he sends me one.

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