Monday, April 25, 2016

A few interesting facts- Young, Stutzman and of course Pence.

In 2012, Young, a member of the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee, claimed a house in Bloomington was his primary residence and deducted more than $200,000 from his property taxes – saving himself almost $5,000. Turns out, Young was renting the property, not living in it, according to documents obtained by CNN.

Todd Young supported like Mike Pence’s RFRA law.

Todd Young voted for a government shutdown.

Young called Social Security a ‘Ponzi Scheme’ and both Congressmen voting against protecting the Social Security program during the 2013 government shutdown.

Young would repeal parts of the Affordable  Care Act - the part he would repeal is "Affordable."

Oh one more thing – did Todd forget he needed signatures to get on the ballot.The correct amount, but does it matter in this state?

Now lets look at Marlin Stutzman who also voted to shut down the government.

Stutzman supports Mike Pence’s RFRA law.

Stutzman claimed to protect Social Security benefits but then turn around and voted for massive cuts. 

Stutzman would repeal all of the Affordable  Care Act. So who is going to take care of the sick and those who need medical help? More homeless to come as they go run out of money paying medical bills. Who cares about people, not Marlin. 

Of course we could add Mike Pence to this list of outlandish things but we are trying to keep this short and it would take pages and pages to list all the dumb things from Indiana’s talking head.

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