Friday, August 26, 2016

Fishers to Raise Taxes and Council Pay - Hmmm

The City Council may almost double their pay to $21,500 a year.

Fadness proposes a $12 million dollars new police headquarters.

Oh did I forget taxes will be going up, so much for Republicans who do not raise taxes and who do not spend.

And to top it off Fadness wants to enact a $25 tax on each vehicle you own. To pay for roads. Now he claims it would only be used for roads, but do I trust him. No way, at the rate he is going the money that should have gone to roads will go elsewhere and be replaced with the $25 wheel tax for roads. You know the three shells and which one is hiding the pea. What is interesting is the budget discussion were this came up was held at a retreat in a small room out of the way at Conner Prairie. No room for Fishers citizens to attend nor would they want Fishers citizens and tax payers to attend.  Business as usual for Fishers, out of the way behind closed doors and ignore the taxpayers. Maybe instead of giving all the tax breaks to his developer buddies they could pay their share of taxes. 

Since I am running for office even if it has nothing to do with this post I have to provide the following statement:

I am Joe Weingarten and I approve this message.
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