Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Weingarten for Surveyor Hamilton County -Part One

How come the election office of Hamilton County sold a map, showing the voting districts, just two weeks ago to another one of the candidates and it doesn’t match the map that is on line? Also that map that was sold was dated 2013 and it shows an old road that does not exist anymore nor did it when the map was printed. In fact that road vanished in 1992 when the County government put a building on that land. Was the County Surveyor asleep or busy digging drains in Cicero, taking people’s land for his work? More on the land grabbing surveyor later. But he was surveyor when that road vanished. In fact he has been surveyor far too long. And here I was under the impression that the political party he belongs too believes in private property and property rights.

Well I guess I am wrong, I will admit when I am wrong. He does not believe in property rights. He believes in government and surveyor rights.

But at least if elected surveyor the county election maps will be up to date and if there are old ones lying around they will be recycled instead of being sold. 

I Joe Weingarten approve this message and it is paid for by Weingarten for Surveyor

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