Sunday, September 6, 2009

Never in Indiana - N1H1 flu shots

About 55 years ago I remember being lined up in the hallway in PS 152 in New York City to get a Polio Shot and then booster shots, also TB testing. I believe State of Indiana should consider doing this with the N1H1 immunizations when they become available. This is an easy way to get to a large segment of the population at risk fast.

But this is Indiana and the Republicans that control the statehouse will yell its plot to bring Federal Health Care to the state. No, its just a great way to bring protection to those who need it most and also to prevent overloading the medical system. You can immunize 100's in a short time, instead of making them each go to their physician. It would also be a much lower cost to the families or to the government. So put aside your politics and do something that's good for the people.

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