Thursday, September 17, 2009

Not in Hamilton County Always not Gulity if you are Ms. Richardson

Clinton County Dismisses Rep. Clements from Deputy Auditor Position

Rep Kathy Richardson, has a full time job with lots of time off to be a State Representative for the 29th District, from her job with the Hamilton County as the Election Administrator. A few years ago it was shown that she used the County e-mail system for personal use, and off course in Hamilton County nothing happened.

My congratulations to the Commissioner of Clinton County for having the backbone to take action when an elected official in the position of State Representative violates policy by using the county e-mail system for personal use. Too bad the elected leadership of Hamilton County does not follow its own rules. To see more on Kathy and her questionable activities go to this link:
Big Dawg Tales: Investigation into allegations against Richardson being swept under the rug?

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