Thursday, November 20, 2014

IRS, FBI, and more phone calls.

Today I got have a call from the IRS that I owe $1568.71 in back taxes and I need to sent them a money order right away or they are going to seize my bank account. Go for it.

Then I got a call from the FBI that crime is up in my area and I need to buy an alarm system, just sent them a money order for $700 and their agents will come right away to install it. I went to the dog pound and got a free German Sheppard. Very nice dog and understands the command kill.

Then I got an e-mail that my great uncle in Outer Mongolia pass away and left me 10.3 million dollars. I just need to send a money transfer to an attorney that will represent me in Outer Mongolia to secure my money. This came as a very big surprise to me that I had an Uncle in Outer Mongolia.

The fun just kept coming with another call this time from the county prosecutor’s office that I didn’t pay tickets and need to send the money or they are coming to arrest me. I hope they do it would be good training for my dog.

I also won the Upper Volta Lottery today. Justin Bieber called; as did Jennifer Aniston that I won the contest they are sponsoring on line.

Then the washing machine died – the only real thing to happen today. Time to get out the screwdriver and pliers.

My phone number is on the do not call list. Oh well.

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