Monday, November 17, 2014

Fishers Tax Payers Robbed

No it was not a stick-up, no guns, knifes etc were used. It was paper and ink and the Town Council that robbed the citizens of Fishers to the tune of one and half a million dollars a year for many years to come.

The ultra-ugly downtown construction is the reason. Lets look at some of the numbers.
The developers are putting $60,850,00 dollars of their money into the projects. Sound like a lot and it is. But the town is putting in even more with no hope of return to equal the amount.
Look at the tax waivers:
Sewers Impact Fees:                        $981,700.00
Road Impact Fees:                         $1,097,210.00
Bridge Impact Fees:                        $84,744.00
Total Fees waived:                         $2,285,654.00
The City will have to pay interest on its debt, which totals $2,61,000.00
So right out of the gate in the first year we lose and this does not include the value of the land the City gave free to the developers.

Next this does not end at the end of the first year but continues year after year and around $1.5 million ever year. So is worth $1.5 million a year for the next 25 years to have this added traffic and ugly projects that use to be the front of Town Hall with its open space and majestic 100 year-old trees. Maybe that is why they are doing this to become more hidden from the public.  This is what happens when you have one group in total power and control of the community.

Is this why the new Mayor has been saying the city government will cost more or is because he and others are giving away money to their pet developers.

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