Thursday, November 6, 2014

Kathy Richardson and the funny Voting Machines

When I heard on election night that Hamilton County was having problems with their voting machines and getting the vote counted, was I surprised? Not in the least. After all in Ham County the election administrator counts her own votes running for election as a state representative. Kathy Richardson is the County Election Administrator and sees nothing wrong in running for office and counting the vote, in running the election, etc.

Sorry Kathy but I see a lot wrong in this. Then again in a state with no ethics I guess you see nothing wrong. You are totally unethical in what you are doing and it is time someone at the Federal level may have a look. Maybe one of these days they will put a tap on your phone. Because I don’t believe you that while in your county office you never make a phone call or work at your desk on state business. You have a sweet deal while the House in session; the county give you extended leave to do your other job.  I see this as also being unethical on the part of other elected people in county government. Maybe we don’t need an election administrator if you don’t have to be on the job for months at a time.

Then again why did your great voting machines with no paper trail fail? Have you been playing with the programming? Too bad we don’t have anyone who wants to investigate.

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