Tuesday, January 27, 2015

BMV moves license plate production away from prisons

Indiana prison inmates will no longer be a part of the license plate production process starting May 1.

I have to wonder when I see something like this, why?

It is beyond my comprehension that the state will save even one penny by doing this. Somewhere another answer may be found unless they hid it very well. Will there be a big campaign contribution to someone running for office. When I worked for the Feds I saved a ton of money by buying furniture from the Federal Prison Industries.

So now the State of Indian is going to buy license plates from a private company instead of the state prison system. Its just like the state prison system that makes furniture and then the state house goes out of its way to avoid buying form them. What is even funnier is the claim they are going to save 14.4 million dollars over 5 years. The odds are it is going to cost a lot more than they will ever save.

But then again this is Indiana.

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