Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Have the Politicians gone crazy.

Ted Cruz in charge of NASA and Science in the new congress.

Congressman Randy Weber comparing Obama to Hitler.

Republcian Presidential (maybe) Candidate Huckabee tells Obama he should not allow his daughters to listen to Beyonce. So will he as President enforce censorship. Sure sounds like it.

Rep. Tom Miles of Forest says he and fellow Democratic Rep. Michael Evans want to adopt the Bible as the State Book in Mississippi.  OK Guys which one? Of course this is for the local folks back home as any court will throw out any law like this.

In 2013 Eric Cantor proposed that overtime pay be banned for hourly workers. No wonder he didn’t get reelected.

In Montana Rep Steve Lavin wants to give the right to vote to Corporations in municipal elections. Anyone want to guess which party he belongs too? I am surprised no one in Fishers came up with this one first.

What about Sen Mile Lee in Utah who wants to roll back child labor laws to allow kids to work under the age of 14. Are we in India or Pakastain?

Indiana Law - IC 35-46-1-5 Sec. 5. - A person who knowingly or intentionally fails to provide support to the person's dependent child commits nonsupport of a child, a Class D felony…. But
It is a defense that the accused person, in the legitimate practice of his religious belief, provided treatment by spiritual means through prayer, in lieu of medical care, to his dependent child.
Pray Baby Pray.

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