Sunday, January 11, 2015

Massive Pig Farm coming to City of Fishers

Directly cross from the Del Web community and Cyntheanne Park, a mega farm is going to be built to house 2000 pigs. This is also near the Hamilton Southeastern Junior High School. The farm is expected to be completed within six months. This is the latest project of the New Jersey Mega Corporation. When asked why this location they indicated they were only a stones throw from I-69, which would connect them with markets for the pigs after they had been raised. Also they indicated the surrounding farms would be customers for the waste products to be used for fertilizer. They refused to comment when asked about any odor from the farm.  Professor Geruch of Purdue indicated that there are no known odor controls for such an operation.

The City of Fishers has stated their hands are totally tied and that the farm is exempt from local zoning due to the recently enacted state law, that prohibits a county, municipality, or township from adopting an ordinance, resolution, rule, policy, or other requirement that prohibits a person who meets certain conditions from building or repairing an agricultural building or structure that is or will be used for livestock. Senator Jean Leising, Republican from District 42 who authored this law could not be reached for comment.

This is the latest example of where the Republican members of the Indiana State Government have taken away local control and moved it to the state level.

Note: This has not yet happened, but it could SB 249 which is called Agricultural Structures could in fact allow a massive pig, chicken or feed lot in Fishers or Carmel or any other city, town, etc in the State of Indiana. It is an ill-conceived bill and needs to defeated. It is part of the continuing trend of the State elected Republicans in the House and Senate moving more and more away from local control. Which in its own right is rather funny since they keep tell the public they are for more local control.

BTW- This same Senator has also authored a bill to require local school districts to include reading and cursive writing in its curriculum.  Another removal of local control. Also she is a co-author on another bill that makes no sense: “Repeals the prohibition against manufacturing, importing, selling, or possessing a sawed-off shotgun.”

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