Sunday, March 29, 2015

How do you "clarify" discrimination? Ask Gov. Pence.

Angie’s List
Disciples of Christ
City of San Francisco
City of Seattle
Kiwanis International

What do all of the above have in common? Concerns that the use of “religious freedom” to enact a law to allow discrimination. Our taking head Governor has said he will work to “clarify” but made it clear he is not going to alter or weaken the new law. If you are not going to alter a law how can you “clarify” it, you can’t. He also was very clear he would not enact laws to ban discrimination relative to sexual orientation.

Pence said, "I stand by this law." He also said “we're not going to change this law."

Here is the real problem about 1/3 of Indiana voters are ultra religious tea party people who think this is the 11th commandment. The other part of this they come out and vote, pardon the pun, religiously.  While Democrats and Moderate Republicans only show up every four years at Presidential elections not when the Governor is elected.

The primary difference between Indiana's law and the 17 others and Federal is that the language specifically differentiates businesses from people. Most states passed these kinds of laws to protect individuals and were limited to government action. Indiana now protects businesses from legal retaliation for discrimination. Another factor is many of the states have laws to prevent discrimination relative to sexual orientation. But not Indiana, so a business can discriminate against someone based on religious belief.

Two men walk into a jewelry store and start looking at wedding bands. The store owner assumes one is getting married and the other is a friend helping out in the selection, they pick a band and then both ask to be sized for the same design. The owner then asks the two men to leave.

Two Japanese women come to Indiana for a visit and go to a restaurant, walking in holding hands. While waiting to be seated they are asked to leave. But wait in Japan it is very common for friends to hold hands. They return to their hotel and tell their business executive husbands what just happened.  Well I guess Indiana will not be getting that new car factory.

Of course much of this can be summed up in a new broadcast from Saturday Night Live -

And don’t forget Indiana's new state slogan: "Just living up to our Ku Klux Klan heritage!"

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