Sunday, December 20, 2015

Indiana doing pretty bad in health rankings

I keep saying Indiana with it's straight sides could slide down and sit between Mississippi and Alabama. The rankings are in of the healthiest and overall rankings. Well Indiana was not at the bottom but in the bottom 20% at rank 41, now back to Mississippi which came in at 49 and Alabama at 45. So Indiana would right at home.

On obesity Indiana is 32.7% with Mississippi at 35.5% and Alabama at 33.5% of a body mass index.  Now on smoking Indiana rank 44th in the nation and lets check out Mississippi with a ranking of 45 and Alabama at 40th.  OK let’s go to Diabetes where Indiana didn’t do too bad at 32 and our neighboring states got a ranking of Alabama 47 and Mississippi 48.

Our Great Governor wants to get rid of the EPA and burn more coal. So lets see how the rankings are doing for air pollution and almost the worst in the nation is Indiana at 47. So Governor Pence you only have three rankings to go to win the worst in the nation award. Here Alabama is trying with a 34 and Mississippi is the winning of these three with a rank of 27. Then again the other two states don’t make much.

In cancer deaths Indiana ranks 42, could that have something to air pollution. Maybe not because Alabama is 43 and Mississippi ranks next to last at 49.  Ok let’s look at people’s hearts, and Mississippi wins overall ranking 50 and not far behind is Alabama at 49 and surprise Indiana is 39. Maybe our smoking ratings will have something to do with the cancer deaths where we rank 44th. Alabama was a little better at 40th and Mississippi ranked 45th.  No Kentucky was not 50th it was 49th and lost out to West Virginia that came is last.

We do have a drug problem in Indiana where we rank 35th in the nation in drug deaths, but to my surprise Mississippi ranked 9th and Alabama was 16th. But we do rank number one in Meth production in the nation.

Now when it comes to immunization of adolescents Rhode Island comes in first, well it is a small state and they can go door to door and get everyone, now Indiana comes in at 42nd and is bettered by Alabama at 35th but Mississippi holds the record at 50th as the worst in the nation.

Infant Mortality is a subject I hate we should all be close to zero, yet Indiana ranks 36th and once again Alabama is at 49th and Mississippi is last at 50th.

Do we go to the dentist? Not everyone does and Indiana is ranked 45 and Mississippi took the lead ranking 49th while Alabama was just beat out by a hair at 48th.

So Governor Pence you will have to do better to get us at the bottom ranking across the board. But I must admit I am glad to see that you are working hard to keep us down in the dumps.

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