Saturday, March 18, 2017

Fake Excuse on the Rail line Fishers/Noblesville to Indy

Fishers and Noblesville want to build a 9.3 million dollar trail and rip out the tracks of the Nickel Plate to make this happen. Sounds wonderful and once again the Republicans are using fake positions to get their way.

They don’t care about a Monon style path the real reason is they don’t’ want the tracks in place that could lead to a mass transit rail service. Funny how Mayor Fadness has spoken about how he is now against light rail when he was for it a few years ago.  If you rip out the tracks the cost in the future skyrockets and it might prevent any rail service from coming to town.

Of course the concept of a trail is wonderful and that is the trick they will be using to try and kill any rail service.  Another bit of fake statements is a term called rail banking where the area could in the future be converted back to rail.  Now according to the American Trails only 8 potions of track have ever been returned to active railroad service. One was for a 350-foot section of a 64.5-mile rail track.  Another one where they realized they need a small section to park rail cars or .21 miles of a 6.2 mile section. A few others were much larger. But the odds are this will never come back as very little has of the 4,408 miles set aside.  

While it makes sense to use abandoned rail lines for trails this is not the case. This is a clear attempt to stop light rail from Fishers and Noblesville to downtown Indy.

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