Friday, March 10, 2017

How Indiana fakes lower taxes.

It’s a game in Indiana. They move items from the state to local governments and then claim to be the “State that works”.

A few years ago they put caps on property taxes so they could tell everyone how great the lower tax rates were. What actually happened, school districts started to do referendums to raise taxes, which were not limited by the caps. You see the state lowered money to the schools. Local governments started to raise fees, which were outside of the property taxes. Want a building permit, that fee went up. What about a tax on cars, its called a wheel tax so no one under stands what it is. So on and on go the local tax increases because the state that works lowered the money to make the state work.

Then they said you know people who go to jail would do better in the local sheriff jails so they can be close to family and that way they would be better able to merge back into society when they get out. The real reason, make local governments spend more money on jails so the state does not have too. This way the state did not have to spend money on jails and the counties now have overcrowding and need to spend more on jails and watch taxes at the local level go up again.

Ah, Indiana the state that doesn’t work for the real people.

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