Monday, March 13, 2017

Repiublican Medical Insuance Sticker Shock

The Wall Street Journal is well known for fake news and its highly liberal outlook in its articles. That is what I expect the Trump conservatives to say very soon. You see the Journal that is extremely accurate and fair in it’s reporting is saying some nasty truthful things about Trumpcare or Ryancare whichever name you want to give to the proposed replacement to the Affordable Care Act.

Lets look at some of the items the Journal brought up. Low-income old people will see substantial increases in the cost of insurance, while high income people will see lower costs. People living in rural areas will pay more. So the Trump supporters from the rural area you just got your gift from the Republican Party a reduction in your take home pay.
But wait say the Republicans we have reduce red tape, taxes and mandates, well does that matter if the cost of insurance zoomed up. I don’t think so.

Ok here are some of the facts from the article:

45 year old making $18,000 a year
Rural person increase of $2,291
Urban person increase of $1,588

But if your 62 years old look at what happens
Rural person increase $9,075
Urban person increase $6,954

Since this based on where you live look at what happens to the poor person living in Chase County in Nebraska who earns that magic $18,000 a year, their insurance premiums would be $20,000 a year an increase from $760 under the Affordable Care Act.  All of you can do this math, $2,000 more than they earn and an increase of $19,240. A year.

So if you’re on social security earning about $18,000 a year you need to live on $8,000 a year on average. In some parts of the county you can’t live. So the older and poorer group of people who live in the rural area and voted for Mr. Trump. Are you happy now?

Oh by the way if your 35 and making $54,000 a year your insurance will drop about $3,000 a year or if you’re 62 year old making this amount you would see a drop of $2,856.

What ‘s very wrong with this picture.

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