Monday, April 13, 2015

Fishers Tax Dollars Political Shell Game

I heard that Stu (the Poo) Easley and the new Mayor last Saturday were at an area clubhouse to try and meet with voters. Well that is what you do when running for elections. Anything you do is tell people what they want to hear and sometimes leave out important details.

Here we go the Mayor talked about a forthcoming important economic development that will not cost taxpayers anything and be of benefit to the community. So in the Star on April 14 was an article about a new sports center proposed for Fishers by a developer, etc. So no tax dollars would be used to built it, but read on the City of Fishers would give them tax breaks to the tune of a few million dollars. Now if the City does not collect a few million in taxes and still has expenses doesn’t that mean the taxpayer is footing the bill of those millions. Sure sounds that way to me and to a few others I asked about it.

So Mayor the city is spending a few million in lost revenue that it needs to support the City. So maybe the City is spending taxpayer money after all and it is costing the citizens a few million. Or is this City accounting? Or how about the truth, nothing but the truth and the whole truth next time. You know the full story. Stu you like to talk a lot on the City Council meetings how come you didn’t correct the Mayor and speak up. Oh, I forgot you part of the Council that doesn’t want the voters to understand what is going on. 

OK folks watch my hands under which walnut shell is the pea, keep watching, am I moving too fast?

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