Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Republican’s in Indiana Spring Bloodbath

Well I notice the signs are starting to pop up and the dirty politics have started as the Republicans eat their own in the May local primary.  Too bad the Religious Freedom bill didn’t give us the right to discriminate against political primaries. What a pity. Well the in the Fishers City Council race in the district next to where I live the sign wars have started. No primary in my district.

What is interesting is the placement of the signs. One candidate better known to people living in the Geist area is Stu the Poo aka Stu Easley. Why Stu the Poo well years ago when the Town of Fishers was working to annex the Geist area Stu made some nasty comments about Geist people using Fishers sewers. Hence he was nicknamed Stu the Poo; of course the Geist people were paying to use the private sewer companies sewers. So Stu the Poo was out in left field with those comments. Well about his signs, big ones and almost all on commercial properties. In front of strip malls, banks, etc.

On the other hand Brad deReamer’s signs are in the yards of homeowners.  Brad used to be the Mayor of Greenfield, In before moving to Fishers.  

So what does the placement tell you. One is someone for the people and the other is for business. Well call me some names but I would rather have someone who has friends that are real people and not strip malls owners.

Then we get to an even more important look at the City Council.  Now most people in Fishers pay no attention to what the council does. But this council seems to vote in lock step and only in favor of their good buddies the developers. It would be nice to have someone who would raise questions instead of just falling in line and bow down to the strip mall owners and developers for placing their signs on the commercial property.

Think about who you want in office, someone who cares about the citizens or someone who cares about strip mall owners.

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