Thursday, April 2, 2015

Indiana's 50% fix to Religious Freedom Bill

"Republicans had removed the Democrat committee members, so they could move the bill without Democrat support to the full House and Senate for a final vote today."

"Democrats said the changes didn't go far enough. They wanted a repeal of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or full civil rights protections for gays and lesbians."
Indy Star 4/2/2015

The Republican went halfway to fix the mess they created. But what is very funny is how they did it. The Republicans discriminated against Democrats, so now as Speaker Bosma said Hoosiers don’t’ discriminated against anyone he left out that he does against Democrats.  What’s next a bill outlawing Democrats in the State of Indiana? Maybe after this mess they may not want to move forward on that one.

Speaking of a mess the Republicans may still want to approve a law to cancel the common wage bill. You see this would only have an impact on construction workers in a reduction in their wages and a positive impact on large construction companies. But what they don’t care about are 1000 of small business and retail business that will be impacted by the loss of wages of these fine folks. But who cares they don’t donate money to the party. The big companies do. Who cares about workers lets only care about the 1%ERS.

Now lets turn to the talking head our Governor. I am certain Mr. Pence will sign the new bill but mutter four letter words quietly. He proved he is incapable of leadership and dashed his ridicules belief he could run for President or Vice President.  Thank goodness. Now we the people of Indiana need to make sure we remove his man form office in the next election. Too bad we don’t have a recall law. He has clearly shown he is not a leader from trying to subvert the elected Superintendant of Education to this bill and other actions that benefit a few and the people of this state. In the last election he told people he had a roadmap for Indiana well so far all he has done is erect orange barrels with no work at all.

Everyone remember the damage he has done to this state in the next election and instead of voting party lines vote for the person.

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