Thursday, April 23, 2015

Stu Easley funny Post Card - Very Funny claims

Stu Easley has send out a post card for his election campaign. All great words too bad they bad he has not lived up to them for years. Here are a few examples:

He said “Plan for the future Implement a comprehensive plan…”
Stu for the 20 years you have been on the Town and City Council you have not yet taken even a baby step towards a comprehensive plan. Now that you actually have to run for office you are saying the right words. Too bad your past actions have shown you don’t care about any planning within the Town/City limits. Too bad Fishers have no plan and are you going to start after no land is left.Where have you been for the past 20 years?

Keep HSE Strong: Once again he is all in favor of keeping HSE strong but the Town and City government have very little to do with the school system. The school is a separate taxing district and no city money goes to the schools. I love his statement that they lowered the school costs by a contract for snow removal. Yes they did do that but at the same time it impacted us the citizens of Fishers, the snow crews had to do the schools instead of the city streets. How many of you belong to an HOA that has to pay for private snow removal. Think about that it is a hidden tax you pay so Fishers does not have to plow your streets. So Stu you can take all the credit you want for doing the school parking lots while the city streets are under snow and they used to be done by contractors. I was also under the impression that Republicans wanted to move government functions to private industry and here you are the one who took away private companies jobs and transferred it to government.

Grow our taxes – by issuing TIF (tax increment financing) districts and reducing the tax base and also this takes money away from the school districts. Why did you give TIFs to a car dealership they would have come anyway. Why because this is where the customers are. Your TIF are gifts to your developer buddies. If you want to know who they are just look up the Campaign Finance Reports on line at :
People you will be shocked when you check out who has given him money for his election.
It is time to retire Stu from government.

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