Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Forbes picks Fishers as a move in community


The article in Forbes is for the best places to move, not live. A big difference. It’s a place where corporate serial movers called Relos can move into and out off. Not exactly what I would call good long-term citizens. This article tags Fishers as a “Reloville” which is a community with twice everything of a mature community, such as income, house values and divorce rates. But as the article states these people know the way to the airport but not city hall. Maybe that explains the high voter rate in Fishers. As such they don’t join community groups other than the PTA and soccer. They don’t run for election or contribute to campaigns for community improvements as they won’t be here for the long run.

So don’t be so proud of Fishers being a member of the Relovilles of America.

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