Monday, July 13, 2009

The grand Mitch screw ups.

For years Governor Mitch Daniels and his administration ignored the plight of Hoosiers from the welfare system to education. If has to do with a personal service of any kind, Mitch is not your man. If it has to do with the reduction of services, Mitch is your man. If it has to do with a long-term outlook, Mitch is not your man. If it has to do with a short-term gain and total disregard for the future, Mitch is your man.

Mitch privatized Indiana's Family and Social Services Administration and the result was a short-term savings over the use of government employees and the result a mess. People were replaced with computer systems and phone system that just don’t hack it. I guess Mitch believed that all the poor and disabled people had computer systems to access to high-speed web systems. OK Mitch many of these people don’t have money for food, where are they going to get a computer and web hook-up. How is someone who is deaf going to use the phone system? Instead of helping the poor and those in need, Mitch is trying to force them out of the system. That way he doesn’t have to help them.

Then we come to education where once again Mitch has shown himself for what he is, someone who will take care of the wealthy and let the poor folks, well just let them. First his education plan funds the rich districts and decreases funding to the inner city and small rural schools. That’s a great idea Mitch let the school districts that are in trouble get further in trouble. Don’t give the kids in these districts a chance of pulling themselves up, instead pound them down, so what if they don’t get an education and drop out. So what if they go on welfare, oh I forgot they can’t because they don’t have a computer to log into the welfare system. Well, if they drop out, they can always get a GED later, opps, the man Match stopped funding for the GED program.

I can’t wait to see what happens to the highway he sold off and by the way what happened to all that money?

Just so all of your know, here is what is going to happen. In a few years we will get a new governor and whoever it is, is going to have repair all of this. Mitch will be gone and everyone will blame the new guy for spending money to repair what Mitch has done. Just as he screwed up in the White House, he is screwing up in Indiana.

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