Friday, July 17, 2009

Fallcreek Township 2008 Referendum 2

Follow the money just follow the money. Well I am starting to follow the money to parties and tricks that are used in election campaigns. I will be adding new findings over the next few weeks.

So here is the first one. Last year in the election there was a Referendum on the Ballot for a small question of the right of citizens to have a say in zoning in their area when that area is un-incorporated. The Town of Fishers had taken over zoning during the dark of the night and many people who lived in the area did not care for this. So put it to a vote and the vote passed to move the zoning away from Fishers. Of course Fishers does not care what the citizens wanted and used another law to take over anyway.

Well during the campaign signs and banners popped up to get people upset, they implied that if this passed Land-Fills and Junk Yards would all of a sudden be allowed. It was just a fear tactic of the Town Council. But where did these signs and banners come from, who paid for them, etc.

It has taken a while but I now know and I wanted all of you to know.
The funds came from two law firms, and of course I have to ask why? Maybe they were told to do it by members of the council, that part I doubt we will ever know.
Bose, McKinney & Evans $3197.16
Church, Church, Hittle & Antrm $1200.00
Unknown persons gave $112.00

The signs were made by:
Sport Graphics
And the banners by:

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