Sunday, July 19, 2009

Town of Fishers to Raise Taxes again

The Town of Fishers is once again raising taxes by a hidden tax. It’s a tax on your use of cable which is going from 3 to 5%, almost double. So if your cable bill is $100 your current tax is three dollars well its going to five dollars. The reason the increased benefit of cable.

Lets try increased need to of the Town because of poor planning and budget shortfall.

Went is this going to happen, they are going to vote on it at their July 20th Council Meeting and it is effective at once. The same day.

Cable users of Fishers did you know your cable cost is going up by two percent? Did you know this is a hidden tax by Fishers? BTW- Did you even know you were paying 3% of your cable in a tax?

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