Sunday, July 19, 2009

UDO – Didn’t take long for Fishers to Exempt itself.

T-Moble and Cingular want to lease property for cell towers. On town property. This way the Town gets revenue from the property lease but at the same time it appears that they could not have done this just a few weeks ago.

They violate two zoning ordinances:
1) Open Space does not allow a Cell Phone Tower
2) 270 foot setback versus 500 foot from a residential property

How would you like to live 270 feet from a cell tower, you never knew was going to drop in next to your home? And of course you didn’t get a chance to ask about it or appear before the Council to protest. Did I say property values. So if you live near these new towers make sure you ask for a reduction of your property taxes as you property values nosedive.

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