Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stock Market Report

One thing the Republicans seem to say all the time is that Democrats are bad for business and bad for the wealthy. The data is just in, if you have money and are invested in the stock market – you better vote democratic this fall.

Here are some facts:

1. The Dow Jones Industrial Average produced an annualized return of 7.21% during Democratic presidents, in contrast to an average of 3.6% during Republican presidents -- or almost precisely half as much, in other words.

2.Inflation is higher on average during Democratic presidencies; so on an inflation-adjusted basis there is a smaller difference between the stock market's average returns during presidencies of the two parties. But the Democratic Party still comes out ahead: 2.5% annualized during Democratic presidencies, versus 1.7% during Republican presidencies.

My name is Joe Weingarten and I approve this message.

Weingarten for 29th District State Representative

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