Saturday, July 12, 2008

It's Time - City of Fishers, Indiana

Indy Star 07/11/2008
Fishers to petition to be called a city

The best quote in the article is Town Council President Scott Faultless said he opposed becoming a city.
“With a council you need consensus on everything,” he said. “No one person can decide what the vision will be.”

Consensus is what Fishers Town Council is all about. Everything is detemined in advance before anyone even gets into the Council Chamber. Only once in recent history did the council not agree and Mr. Faultless was so upset he broke his gravel pounding it.

A city formation would result in a Mayor accountable to the people, voting by districts with set boundaries, accountable to the people. A full time government accountable to the people. A City Council which must also have consenses to approve projects, so Mr. Flautless the real big change is that you would be out of a job as a part time Council President.

If the consensus council is such as great form of government, how come only small towns have it as a form of government. No this has nothing to do with vision, but all to do with power.

It's time to let the people vote on the matter.

My name is Joe Weingarten and I approve this message.
Weingarten for 29th State District Representative

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