Sunday, July 27, 2008

Comcast - the new evil empire.

I recently read comments about Comcast and its actions to limit the internet. Over the last few days I have been trying to transmit an 16.7M file to someone via the internet and found it was not being transmitted. I finally called Comcast customer service and was told they were limiting me to 7 meg maximum transmission.

I had never been notified of this and I was able to transmit this same file in the past. Since in the area I live I am only have the choice of one cable company I find this monopoly of service and their actions of limiting my transmission something that needs a full investigation and action by the government.

The telephone companies were opened up to competition and now it is time to do the same with cable. It is time to remove the lock cables companies have on the service to any area. I would like to see that a cable company can only be paid for the use of the cable and all content and products are open to other companies, the same as using telephone lines.

Until this is done we will continue to see increased cost to the consumer and a continued reduction of service.

If elected cable companies beware, I will fight you on behalf of the consumers of the State of Indiana.

My name is Joe Weingarten and I approve this message.

Weingarten for 29th District State Representative

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