Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bring on the million dollars big oil.

Standing before a room of oil company executives in June, John McCain flip-flopped and declared support for coastal oil drilling. Now the Washington Post is reporting that, within days, oil and gas execs ponied up nearly $1 million to elect McCain.1 It's another piece of evidence that in a McCain White House, oil companies will call the shots—just as they have with President Bush.

Het big oil I could use a million for my election campaign, you know for a million I will support off shore oil drilling at Morse and Geist. I know oil is under Geist, not too sure about Morse, but what the hey, go for it.

You know on the other hand - keep you money - I would rather not have you mess up our pretty lakes.

My name is Joe Weingarten, I am running for the 29th State District Representative and I approve this message.

BTW- I sure could use some money to buy yard signs - go to www.indianaforjoe.com and please contribute since I have turned down that million from the oil companies.

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