Tuesday, July 15, 2008


This morning I drove downtown to meet with a group of people about my run for office. Not knowing how long it would take, I had a shock; almost every light turned green and I zipped down fast. Since I was 1/2 hour early I stopped in a McDonalds and sat outside having a cup of coffee. Next to me was Mike. He introduced himself to me and asked about my shirt that says Joe Weingarten for State Representative.
“What Party?” – Democrat
“Good, good. I have down on my luck and no job and I heard Obama the other day on responsibility”
You see Mike is black.
He continued “My daughter who is 10 also hear him and we talked about it.” What did she say-
“She asked me how come mommy works and you don’t?”
“That got me thinking and about my responsibilities to my family.”
I asked him what he was doing. He told me he was on his way downtown for an interview at the one of the hotels. They had an opening and he passed the first test since he finished high school. We chatted a few more minutes and then I told him I had to go to my interview to hopefully get some people to help me get elected. I wished him the best of luck in his job hunt and told him to keep at it no matter what. He said he would and the lord would help him. The he asked me for a big favor. “Sure I said what can I do?’ “I will never have a chance to meet Mr. Obama, but since you are running for office you will and when you do please thank him for turning my life around.” I shook his hand and assumed him I would.

Mike – I wish you and your family the best, I hoped all morning you got the job. And, should I ever meet Mr. Obama I will pass on your message, maybe he will read it on the internet in this blog. I also noticed you called him Mr. Obama and you’re the first person I know who did that, hopefully you soon you can call him Mr. President.

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