Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Can it

Maybe the title should be aluminum can it? I need about 200 thousand dollars and fast, well it be nice for me to have, but I am trying to help raise money for a non-profit organization. We were brainstorming and I said what about scrape metal, I had heard a VFW group in Michigan raise over100 grand collecting metal. Right now even people are stealing all kinds of metal form copper to iron manhole covers for a fast buck. So the more I though about this the closer I came to an idea, why not cans? Aluminum cans currently bring 98 cents a pound. Now that means if I want $200,000 I need about 98 tons of cans.

Americans use 200 million aluminum cans a day. The average person uses 43,371 cans in their lifetime and that is 1434 pounds of aluminum. So for every person, if we were to save every can it would be worth $1405.32 in their lifetime at today’s prices. So if I need $200 grand I would have to find 142 people to use up all their cans in a weekend. Ok that’s 6,172,402 cans. Man, that’s a lot of cans. But Americans use 200 million a day, maybe its possible.

If you live in the Geist, Indiana area, start collecting your cans. More details to come in a few days. If you live near Geist and want to help, start saving your cans. Lets go green in the Geist area and start a massive canning operation.

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