Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Governed by a Ruling Elite- Time to change.

On July 9, 2007 Republican Gary R. Welsh wrote about a Democrat being selected to replace an Indiana State Representatives seat in “Advance Indiana: Government Bureaucrat Gets Nod To Fill Kuzman's Seat.”

While it is not surprising for a republican to take shots at anything a Democrat does one of his statements actually is true for both sides in Indiana.

“Once upon a time, the idea of tapping a government employee to take a legislative seat was frowned upon. Today, it seems to be the rule. We are increasingly becoming governed by a ruling elite of government/political professionals instead of citizen politicians who serve out of a sense of civic duty.”

A comment to this blog was by bitchette who said

“Ha, what a joke... we've asked Rep. Richardson numerous questions since moving to HER district ~8 yrs ago; to date, we've received not one reply from our representative... canned or otherwise.”

Mr. Welsh please tell me what you think of Republican Kathy Richardson; she fits the bill very well.

One of the reasons I am running against Kathy is exactly the comment by bitchette; I e-mailed Kathy a few times with no response. The concept of a representative is exactly that to represent and to respond to concerns of people of the district. She seems to have forgotten this in her 16 years of holding this post.

Vote for Joe Weingarten to replace Kathy Richardson in the 29th District of the State House. Its time after 16 years for a fresh look.

I am Joe Weingarten and I approve this message.

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