Saturday, May 24, 2008

Noblesville Farmers Market

Saturday, May 24, 2008, 8:45am to noon. Beautiful day, a slight cold breeze, bright sunshine, sort of a day you would expect in California, not in Indiana. A great day to meet people in the district and talk.

It started out costing me money as when I arrived I met Ron Wilson who spotted my Vietnam ribbon on my jacket and he was selling memberships in the newly formed Hamilton County Veterans. Without question a group worthwhile joining, so if you live in the county and have a DD214, please sign up, its only $15. You can e-mail Ron at

What amazed me the most is how many people just take a card that says I am running for office and never say a word? A number had lots to say but everyone was extremely nice. I was also surprised how few even asked what I wanted to do if I get elected, what can I do for the County. Also the age of the people asking questions, most were in there 30’s. The above 40 crowd just made statements or ask questions that were not relative to positions. I loved this one – “Are you an incumbent?” “No sir” “ Well them you have my and my wife’s vote, we are going down the line and voting against every incumbent.” I was wondering if I could hire him to go door to door for me. I talked with him some more as he is the second person I have met making this statement. He didn’t care what I stood for; he feels that the people in office have lost touch with what is wrong and what the people want. He also believes strongly that we need term limits in every office. I have to agree with him, as I see too many in office forever and the power base they develop. Another funny statement – “Are you in the same party as Mitch?” “No.” “Give me your card I am voting for you?” Didn’t tell me why etc. It nice to meet someone in the Ditch Mitch group.

I only had a few say, can’t vote for you because you are a democrat. I did tell one fellow about someone in the district who told me that on election day I had to go to the cemetery with a black tarp and put it over his fathers grave when he voted for me. He got a kick out of that and then said I will take one of those cards.

Only one person said they were going to look up position on my web page.

Well I gave out about 150 cards, and spoke to a lot of people. It was a lot of fun and a great way to spend a beautiful Saturday morning.

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