Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Joe W wiins by a Landslide

OK so my election was uncontested and after I voted I won. But what is interesting my opponent also was uncontested and she got about 1000 less votes and her party has 70% of the registered voters in this area.

Kathy Richardson is a very nice lady, everyone keeps telling me that, but they also say, she does nothing nor does she representative the people of the district. Kathy does not answer questions put to her nor e-mails. She votes 100% as she is told by the party.

Maybe that is why so many are willing to vote for me. I will answer questions and while we may not agree on everything, I am sure we will agree on many topics and I am sure of one other factor I will represent the people of the District.

Now comes the vary hard part, raising money to run ads, to do a few mailings and walking door to door to meet with many of you.

I do have a warning for many of you, if you are standing in line at the Post Office or Kroger, Marsh etc and I am either behind or in front of you, be ready for a political speech. And with my line standing luck, it will be the wrong line and we will have some time to talk.

I do look forward to meeting all of you around the 29th District.

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