Friday, May 9, 2008

Grandparents Day (unofficial)

Today was third grade Grandparents day and it was a day that shows you the future and how important Grandparents are to the many children of the world. Of course it was not a national day but rather one at a local school and only for the third grade. But to the kids it was a day to show off to their grandparents and the importance of being their grandparents. It was not a day made up by Hallmark to sell cards.

Some drove hours to come, a few who were far away couldn’t make it and one even flew up from Florida. Almost every child had one or more sets of grandparents in the overflowing room. If I remember correctly only two didn’t have any because of distance, but their parents filled in. That is also a symbol of how we grandparents are living longer.

It lasted about an hour, but to the children it will be a very important day, a day they got to show off their grandparents. A day that showed the children they are loved by their grandparents. A day when no child was really not left behind.

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