Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fisher's Indiana - Voice of the People Award

Last October, I think, Fisher was given the Voice of the People Award, well to say the least I was dismayed. Fishers winning an award for listening to the people from the ICMA. No way. But yes they did. I can only assume they wrote the proposal for the award to give it to themselves.

Fishers Town Council has proven over and over they do not listen to anyone but themselves.

The Downtown development, the Geist Annexation, the Airport, the Twin Toners of Allisonville Rd and the list goes on. Now they do listen if you are a builder or developer, but to the common everyday citizen. No way. With over 70% of the people who live in Geist against annexation, did Fishers listen; no they are going ahead full speed to annex. Did they listen to the people of course not?

I wanted to contact the ICMA to ask that they rescind the award. So off to Google to find out who the ICMA was? Here are a few answers to my search:

International Cement Microscopy Association
International Card Manufacturers Association
International Computer Music Association
International Center of Medieval Art
International Capital Market Association
Institute of Certified Management Accountants
International Commission on the Middle Atmosphere
Indiana Concrete Masonry Association
Illinois Country Music Association
Illinois Cast Metals Association
International Classified Media Association

Finally on page 4 I found it:
International City/County Management Association
777 N Capitol St NE
Washington, DC 20002
I also found the e-mail address or Mr. O'Neil,, their executive director and I sent him an e-mail requesting they take back the award. If you agree, why not send him one also.


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