Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fishers / Geist Annexation / Property Taxes

Under the old Annexation and property tax rates it was estimated that if Fishers, IN annexed the Geist area the property tax increase at 16.4 %. Many people have assumed under the new law that all property taxes would be capped and we would all pay the same amount. Some of the infamous Fishers 7 Council Members even made statements to that effect.

It’s far form the truth. Here is a way you can prove it for yourself. In my case my taxes would be 13.4 higher if we are annexed.

Here is how you find out your tax rate.

Go to:
Select tax district – 007 Fallcreek Township
Put in the value of our home, etc. and get your tax rate.
The change the taxing district to – 020 Fishers Fall Creek Twp
Get you new tax rate.
Notice the jump in taxes.

To me a 13.4% jump is a big jump. Approxumately 80% of the Geist homeowners have remonstrated against the annexation, but that fact has had no effect on the Fishers 7. They do not care about people and the will of the people. It's time we change the government in Indiana, it's time to remove those in office and replace them with new faces.

My name is Joe Weingarten and I approve this message.
Weingarten for 29th District State Representative.

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