Saturday, January 5, 2008

Fishers, Indiana Census – Some funny items

Indy Star article January 4, 2008

According to the article Fishers is now up to 66,000 people and I now know one of the primary reason behind the annexation of Geist – no its not the $3 million dollars a year in profit from property taxes, and the 1.5 million dollars in increased revenue from the state, no its not because “the Geisters are using all those free things from Fishers,” no its not because Geist is a nice place, no its not because Fishers could then add more strip malls along Olio road.

The real reason is with the 5,000 people from Geist Fishers would be larger than Carmel.
The new population numbers would be:
Fishers 71,000
Carmel 68,653

Another funny line from the article:
(Scott) “Faultless said Fishers still maintains its small-town flavor.”

I think what Mr. Morton Marcus, director emeritus of the Indiana Business Research Council said makes more sense:
“The bigger a town gets, the less inclined people may be to move in – and town services will be tested in the future.”

The citizens of Geist want to maintain its small town flavor and not become part of a town bigger than Carmel.

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